Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mardi Gras

A Mardi Gras Party! When our children were home - three are married and one is in college now - we would have a "Fat Tuesday" celebration. I loved the tradition of making and eating pancakes -  a holdover from earlier days when Catholic cooks were cleaning out the cupboards from soon to be restricted Lenten foods, eating them up on "Fat Tuesday." Now the Mardi Gras Party takes place in the CCD classroom. No I don't make pancakes, instead my teaching partner, Carol, and I ask the students to bring in something that they enjoy eating and are willing to give up for Lent! They bring in all kinds of treats - Doritos, Twix candy bars, chewing gum, gummy bears - the list doesn't end! Carol and I bring in our favorite treats, too! It is a feast of our favorite treats! Yum. Then we talk about how God's creation is good (Genesis 1:31) and we discuss what sacrifice means, giving up something good for something or someone better. Each one of us writes out on a piece of paper what good food(s) we are willing to give up for Lent for love of Jesus. Many of the students give up their favorite treat for the entire Lenten Season. When Lent is over and we come back to the classroom after Easter break, we have another party. Stay tuned and see what we do for Easter! Enjoy Mardi Gras!