Thursday, February 4, 2016

St. Agatha: A Saint for Young Women

The life of St. Agatha is hardly one a mother would wish for her daughter.But the courage of Agatha's convictions for the faith is what all mothers of faith do
wish for their daughters.

St. Agatha was born in Sicily about 250 A.D. during the Roman persecutions of Christians. Little is known about her life, although legends abound. She is a martyr for Christ and died at a young age, about twenty. Her feast day is February 5.

St. Lucy and her mother prayed to St. Agatha for a cure. St. Lucy's mother was very ill. Their prayers were answered and Lucy's mother was healed. Not too long after that St. Lucy made known her desire to consecrate herself to Jesus, to live for Jesus only, as St. Agatha had done. St. Agatha, St. Agnes and St. Lucy are three young women who were martyred for their fidelity to Christ in the face of the Roman persecutions. Their names are
included in the First Eucharistic Prayer  of the Mass. To read more about St. Agatha  St. Agatha is the patron saint of bakers, bell-founders and breast cancer victims, also the island of Malta where it is thought she lived for a short period of time.

Below you will find a recipe for the Honey Rings from Malta. Although they are called Honey Rings, they are filled with treacle (molasses) instead of honey.
This dessert is associated with carnival and Christmas. They are not difficult to make, however they are time consuming. Here is a link to directions for one recipe  I have never made them before, but since it is almost Mardi Gras,Shrove Tuesday, Carnival, I may just give them try! If they seem more complicated than anything you wish to make, why not have an elegant piece of cake and offer a toast with a latte or a glass of dessert sherry in honor of St. Agatha?  St. Agatha pray for us!
Honey Rings or Qaghaq tal-Ghase

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