Sunday, July 2, 2017

Moving this Summer?

Are you moving this summer? You may find this book helpful. 
Adventures of Faith, Hope and Charity - Finding Patience is a sweet children's story which is sure to appeal to children who have recently been uprooted.
Three sisters find themselves in a new town. Their Dad has taken another job, and Mom is busy unpacking and helping everyone settle in, except Faith. Faith is the oldest and she is anxious about the new environment: the neighborhood, school and friends. Hers is a wise Mom and Dad who provide just the right amount of guidance, love and understanding to enable Faith to wait for a good friend.
 This story offers the child who has just moved a comforting ending and for other young children a lesson in prayer and patience. It's one of those stories that you cozy up on the couch with a throw and snuggle together while reading it to younger family members or as an enrichment story in your classroom. Children will love the vivid colors of the illustrations and will want to page through them many times over.

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