Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Parade of Foods for Holy Week: Good Friday

A Greek Easter Bread called Lambroposomo
Good Friday is a day for prayer and Church in our family, but towards the evening I begin baking unless the parish Good Friday Liturgy is held then.

This Greek bread is a staple for our Easter table. In the following photo you will see the eggs painted red to symbolize the five wounds of Christ. The eggs are placed in the shape of a cross. Although I have not taken a picture, I have made lamb butters. I have molds which form both individual butters and other molds which form a larger size. The lamb butters are a Polish custom.

Lambroposomo, Easter Bread of Brightness
As you can see it is dramatically attractive and makes a beautiful and symbolic expression of the Risen Lord's sacrifice for us. It is also good to eat!

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