Friday, June 12, 2015

A Baptism and A Confirmation: June 6, 2015

Ella, Fr. Chris, Dad and Mom
 It was a very special day for our families, the Findlays and the Rooneys. Ella Grace was baptized on June 6 at the 5:00pm Mass at Sacred Heart Church. Her Dad, Kurt Leland Thomas, was confirmed by Fr. Chris, pastor of Sacred Heart Parish at the same Mass. 

Here you can see Fr. Chris as he anoints Ella with her Dad and Mom looking on. The rest of the family was around the baptismal font with her godparents right beside Catherine but out of view in this photo.

Mom holding Erik, Dad, Ella and Fr. Chris

Fr. Chris wipes Ella's forehead after pouring the water and baptizing her "In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

Kurt Leland Thomas, Fr. Chris and Patrick, his sponsor
After Ella's baptism, Kurt was confirmed. Fr. Chris is extending his hands over Kurt and calling down the Holy Spirit. Kurt chose the name Thomas, as his confirmation name. Patrick, Kurt's brother-in-law, is his sponsor. The parish choir and all the parishioners attending the evening Mass are standing in attendance as Kurt's receives the sealing of the Holy Spirit and his seven gifts.
Ella Grace with her godparents, Uncle Pat and Aunt Becca and Mom and Dad

Kurt's Mom, Lee, with the Findlay family

The Rooney Grandparents, Bob and Colleen, with the Findlay Family, Uncle Mike, and the Patrick Rooney Family

Grandma Rooney made and decorated the cake for Ella's baptism and Kurt's confirmation

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