Saturday, June 13, 2015

St. Anthony of Padua and Cannoli, June 13

St. Anthony is one of my very favorite saints. He is in my top five! Today is his feast day and I want to take this time to thank him and honor him for all the good he has done for me, for my family, friends, and many others who I do not even know.

St. Anthony is known for finding lost articles. Perhaps that is why so many of us are in such a debt of gratitude to him. I know that I am. He also was a great Franciscan theologian and preacher. Possessed of great humility, he did not allow his gift of preaching to prevent him from stooping down to answer the smallest of practical needs for those who sought his intercession.

Born 1195 in Lisbon, Portugal. He died in 1231 in Padua, Italy. He was canonized shortly after his death and declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Gregory IX as a result of the richness of his spiritual preaching.

Many St. Anthony festivals are found throughout the United States, Portugal, Italy and other countries where people share a love and desire to honor him for the many prayers answered and, in some cases, miracles worked.

My husband and I decided to have an Italian treat, a cannoli, to celebrate the Feast of St. Anthony. We have gone to a festival in Baltimore, MD, in the past, but decided to remain in Virginia this year. Below are samples of two different cannolis, one with chocolate chips and the other with cherries and pistachios. We enjoyed ones with vanilla ricotta filling and a cannoli pastry that was partially dipped in chocolate.

These cannolis are filled with the traditional ricotta filling. Chocolate chips, cherries, and pistachios are a few of the additions.

There are many prayers to St Anthony requesting his intercession. The nine day novena to St.Anthony, St. Anthony's Nine Tuesdays, and more can be find on various Catholic websites, www.ewtn.com and more. Below is a short prayer that you can say anytime that you would like to ask St. Anthony's help.

Prayer to St. Anthony
Painting of St. Anthony by El Greco

Gentle Servant of God St. Anthony, Help me find ways to honor God's blessings by showing my love for all of God's creatures. Share your strength that I may cope with the trials and troubles of daily life. You, through whose voice the Word of God was preached, intercede for my need (mention your special request here). Powerful Patron, be with me always and teach me to reach out in love and support to others.

St. Anthony, Pray for us.

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